(Kon - Na - Khao)

     The Konnakhao (meaning : white face) team was created by Mr. Paitoon Laisakul  (1962-2017). This team has had a long history of performances

     and now would prove to be a new challenge for the next generation of KONNAKHAO ‘YOUNG BLOOD’- who has taken their storytelling into the form of racism and mocking of societal views. With their sense of humor and imagination, they will continue on with the legacy of Kon Na Khao.

In memorial of Paitoon Laisakul  

Founder of Pantomime in Thailand (1962 - 2017)

The founder of Konnakhao Mime, established in 1984.

He studied mime in 1980 with Milan Sladek, Slovakian mime actor, director. Paitoon recieved The Goethe-Institute's (German Culture Institute) scholarship to visit a mime festival in Germany.

Since 2004, he had given classes and workshops to young adults, and directed mime performances.

Founder of  Mime for Deaf Children , KonRak Mime Festival, People's Theater, co-founder of Pantomime in Bangkok

The example of his productions are ; Erotic-Mime, Third-class Citizen, Stage Enterprise, Apple-Cherry-Ann, Soulmate Dinner Nightmare, MimeBox, Falling form Heaven, Expression Mime, Man’s Emotion, Nai Khem Jaidee (first mime saga in Thailand), mixed media mime with magic, jazz music, poetry reading, etc. Along with a long list of experience in street performances and commercial presentations. 

People's theater

People's Theater (Temporary ) had opened at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre on May 21st, 2011. It aims to serve the community with free admission activities.
The theater had been shut down from lacking of financial support. But the idea of People's Theater becomes a model of a community service which need to be pushed forward as beneficial to the society.



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