Mime for Deaf Children

Mime for Deaf Children: Together for Inclusion

There are people who get to know about deaf people but it is very few. When they meet them in person, they think deaf people are doing fine. But in fact very few of deaf people in Thailand are trained to be able to read lips, speak, or using writing language properly. It’s not only about the language that  is the problem. But deaf people are made to live spate from the rest of us. They face exclusion from the society. 

There are always people who interested in art and performing art in any constituency but don’t have the opportunity for it. Mime is something deaf people can be good at. It doesn't require verbal communication and it can easily be understood by everyone. In the past years, Konnakhao Mime has been working with deaf children in Thailand.  And we have received support from Thai Health Organization to run this program with Setsatian School – deaf school in Bangkok. In the progress of work, 50 children and numbers of teachers are interested to join ongoing workshops and many of children still wanting to participate in the next fiscal year. From our experience, we could see that mime is a great way to empower deaf people both physically and mentally. And it is such a creative tool to create a space for people to meet from both worlds. 

As Konnakhao Mime is also the organizer of the international mime festival in 2018. We think it is a great idea to invite all of the students and the teachers from Setsatian School to experience world class mime performances in KonRak Mime Festival (Mime Lover Festival) to understand more about this type of art. However we cannot effort to buy ticket for all of them. Therefore we want to ask you to join us by purchasing KonRak Mime Festival ticket for 100 people from the deaf community. The ticket price is 650 Baht each and the 

set ticket for 2 performances is only 1,000 Baht. (150 Baht 

discount each) 


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